Polysexual: With intimate destination to numerous although not every sexes

Polysexual: With intimate destination to numerous although not every sexes

Platonic Wife: A partner which have which you can never be personal otherwise intimate, but so you can whom one has produced lifelong commitments that may become things like cohabiting and you can coparenting. Often abbreviated PLP.

Polycule: A network out-of interconnected relationship; can be used to relate to the latest circle in itself, or a map illustrating a comparable. An effective portmanteau away from “poly” and “molecule,” of the varied possible settings as well as how they may be able end up like maps of one’s agents structures off molecules. Communities and you will communities larger than five anyone commonly only play with “polycule” otherwise “constellation” to explain its circle, in lieu of on a single of your own specialized conditions to possess shorter products, because the molds will get tricky.

Note: many people have fun with pansexual for this meaning too Gamer dating site, because it’s the more prominent identity and you can commentary to sexualities is moving forward.

Number 1 Relationships/Partner: The new prioritized matchmaking otherwise spouse into the an effective hierarchical lay-up. Some people have multiple number 1 lovers, otherwise get-off the option for further number one-top dating to survive; but the majority of exactly who prefer so it relationship construction do not.

Relationship Anarchy: A romance build that can be seen as a kind of non-hierarchical polyamory, however, more specifically can be applied anarchist beliefs of notice-commitment and you will diminished condition involvement to intimate dating. Commonly abbreviated RA . Permits on private definition of for each and every relationships in the place of labels getting applied, and you will a lot of argument is present around just how RA is actually or isnt found in polyamorous actions and you will society.

Secondary Matchmaking/Partner: Most couples or relationship beyond the number one of these in good hierarchical community. They often times need certainly to accept pre-established guidelines or constraints on time laid out by the top matchmaking professionals, rather than recourse to alter these.

Solo Polyamory: A kind of polyamory where just one decides to be their unique “primary companion,” building associations with no expectation away from moving on within the “matchmaking escalator” which have no less than one. Have a tendency to includes the belief off life style besides all the people.

Tend to date-limited to the start of another flirtation or relationships, but occasionally an open capacity to terminate most dating at any day

Transgender : Someone who relates to since the transgender identifies as people intercourse almost every other as compared to one to these people were assigned at delivery. Then it really the only sex identifying identity they use, or they might fool around with most other, much more particular terms into the trans umbrella.*

Telemour: The newest lover off good metamour who isn’t your shared companion; on the means “tele,” distant – so literally “distant like

Triad: A relationship off about three anyone, every one of exactly who is actually romantically involved in both. A great triad consists of three dyads (A great and you can B; A good and you will C; and you will B and C) and also the triad relationships (A great and B and C). Probably one of the most advertised different polyamory in traditional media.

Unicorn: A good bisexual lady whom prefers to features matchmaking with each other bits out-of an effective heterosexual couples to your terms and conditions put generally because of the one partners agreements.

Unicorn Hunters: People who find an effective bisexual girl exactly who would rather keeps relationships which have each other elements of a great heterosexual partners with the words place generally because of the one to partners plans to have a love. So it title might be made use of derisively, since this variety of body is almost impossible to acquire once the of your must accept the lovers terms and conditions, and because it framework when addressed can be used to negatively impact young bisexual lady a new comer to polyamory.

V: A relationship system as well as around three somebody in which there are two “ends” who happen to be metamours not romantically involved with one another, and you can a great rely partner. A v (both written vee ) polycule includes two dyads (A great and you will B and you may B and you can C).

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